History of Salami in San Francisco

Did you know San Francisco is the salami capital of the United States? The cool, humid climate is naturally favorable for dry curing meat.

San Francisco’s temperate climate is why when many Italians immigrated to the Bay Area at the end of the 1800’s, bringing with them their family’s salami-making tradition, they found the area perfect for creating their beloved salumiHowever, these same salami makers would have to fight to protect their traditional curing methods and for the right to call their salami “Italian Salami”.

From 1967-1970, a passionate group, direct decedents of a noble tradition of Italian salami-makers, argued with and finally convinced the USDA that the techniques they used to naturally dry cure their salamis should be protected and differentiated from other sausage-making processes, which included cooking and chemical additives to speed up the curing process.

These salumists knew from the beginning: good food takes time.